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Welcome to GTX Web

About GTX Web

GTX Web Ltd is a web design company dealing primarily with website design for customers in Hertfordshire. Previously a part of KCS Total Solutions Ltd (now Qudu Ltd), GTX Web was created to focus on website design, development and hosting. We specialise in creating websites that feature what in the industry is called a 'responsive design' - which means that it should work slightly differently and slightly specifically for various screen types and sizes, mainly being for Desktop/Laptop, Pad and Mobile Phone viewing and interaction. In addition, the sites are easily and correctly accessed by all of the main search engine companies making sure that your content is indexed as well as possible.

Finally, our system allows easy editing and content updates. This means that you can edit the site directly yourself or you can get us to do it for you. Either way, because of it's quick interface and immediate updates, this can be done quickly which is important when time is money.


Our Team

Ian Macintosh
Software Development and Hosting Management

Dan Boggins
Website Designer and Process Development

Annette Macintosh