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Basic Website Design

Designing and Hosting a basic website with GTX Web

The base cost for a full website design is £750.00 with a monthly hosting cost of £29.99.

The base website will give you everything to get a particular brand off the ground, including all the normal 'about us', 'contact us', map, company details, 'what we do' and generally a few articles detailing specifics about a business.

The monthly hosting caters for the computer system that hosts the site, all the disk storage for both the site itself + 3 months worth (90 days to be precise) of daily backups for disaster recovery, the load balancing web front end to make the site fast and responsive, and the network bandwidth to put the site on the internet. Finally the monthly hosting charge pays for the continuous monitoring of the website, servers and system performance to tell us if something isn't working as expected so that we can pro-actively fix it. These are normally things that other hosting companies don't do, or if they do them are not included in the hosting charges and come as 'extras'. We include them because for a business website it makes no sense to have no daily backup, disaster recovery plan, optimised hosting or monitoring.

There are a few potential extra costs for a website, and these are not included in our quotation and depending on your requirements may or may not be needed. The excluded items are:

  • Graphic arts "design" - ie, if you ask us to design a company logo - that is extra work and we would charge for it separately.

  • Stock Images - If you want to use some stock image supplied by an art and photographic agency - this you would have to buy from them with the rights to use on your website and is also an extra.

  • Specific Fonts - Some fonts (Futura for example) are licensed by the design companies (Bitstream and Linotype in this example) and you have to buy a license for website usage from them. This only really tends to apply if your company design includes certain specific fonts that must be used. This does not apply to generally available fonts like Helvetica & clones such as Arial, Times Roman etc. There are many free fonts to choose from if your needs are not that specific.

  • Taking photographs for your website - you would need to hire a photographer who would take professional and well lit and adjusted photographs for your website.

Other than that, we take care of all the rest needed to get the website set up, installed and published.

There are also other things that we can add later if needed, such as dealing with advertising campaigns, search engine exposure, ranking and optimisation. These we quote for individually as they are tailored to your specific requirements.

All prices exclude VAT