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Enhanced Website Design

Designing and Hosting a website with GTX Web when you need more than a brochure or simple company presence website.

GTX Web also designs websites to specific requirements for customers. These are for example things like:

  • Shopping systems, either fully fledged shopping systems down to simple paypal links for small individual purchases.

  • A closed user group for clubs, societies, charities, schools or businesses that maintain a closed section of their website available only to members.

  • Intranets for an internal Knowledge Base with special logins for staff members, varied permissions for posting pages and working on different sections of the website.

  • Extranets where you design one website with both an internal and an external section, generally containing both internal and external knowledge base material and articles.

  • Integrations with other platforms like Facebook or Google Albums

  • A blog section to your website

Specific requirement websites are generally priced anywhere from around £850 to £8000 depending on the complexity and scale. Some of those websites would require a dedicated server or additional memory which would have a monthly hosting cost anywhere from £29.95 through to around £250 per month for a dedicated server with backups, maintenance and monitoring. These are just figures to give you an idea of the range of sites that we deal with. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and will tailor a design to fit your budget or to let you know what the budget would be that you should aim for with a particular design.